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Jan 17 2011


I MADE IT IN!!!!! I was accepted to Teach For America to teach all subjects grades 4-8!!!! SO excited! Words are limited to express my joy at this news. I literally jumped up and down with extra excitement- the rest of my day was just beautiful-nothing could ruin the high (nothing did ruin it into the next day even!). I which I had been placed in high school- but bey get to them young inspire, them sooner, make a larger difference, n’est pas?

The large number of questions which are swirling through my head will take a while to work out- and so will the copious amounts of reading I will have to do to prepare. However, I guess this means I won’t take that education course next semester, the one on social studies for middle and high school students.

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  1. G

    I would take the education course…you’ll have plenty of time to do your reading AND do your coursework if you spread it out over the next few months…the ed course is going to help you a lot…trust me on that. You’re going to be great!

    • chenryrgv2011

      I wasn’t able to take the edu course, it suddenly created a pre-req, so none of that. But I am reading tons about teaching. :)

  2. Ashley

    Welcome to TFA in the RGV!! We can’t wait to meet all of you in the 2011 corps. Please let me know if you have any questions or just want to hear a little more about our region from a current corps member. I teach high school English in McAllen and live with 2 middle school teachers and another high school teacher, so hopefully if you have questions we can answer them :).

    -Ashley (2010 RGV corps)

    • chenryrgv2011

      Awesome! Currently and just getting started with trying t wade through all the certification information, but I will totally keep you in mind if I have any questions! :)

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