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Jan 17 2011


So I downloaded the TEXES preparation manual for test 111 Generalist Grades 4-8, which is what I believe my subject level to be. And now I’m having a slight freak out! I have to know math and science and be able to teach this to young children. I also have to be able to know English grammar. At this point, I do not know which is more scary.

If you know anything about me, you know that I just don’t do math or science very well. The last time I had a math or science course would be in the summer of 2009!!! I mean, I assume that I know more than the average 8th grader, but will I be able to teach her/him? Well, I guess that is what the prep manual is for, as well as the training next summer. But I have to wonder if there is anything else I can look into. This makes me want to go back to FAU’s course list and see what they offer in educational courses. I feel like I need tutoring before I can teach.

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