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Jan 17 2011

Certification – Step One

So it is official as of 4:10:39 pm CST today that I applied or alternative certification program in Texas.

**happy dance around my room**

I find it some how fitting that I submit this application on the first day of my final semester in college. It seems to bring everything out full circle. Ending one stage n my life, yet starting another.

TFA RGV teachers receive certification through Project P.a.C.E. I have no clue what it stands for, it is always referred to as Project P.a.C.E. More than likely it involves alternative certification education or something like that…wonder what the “P” could mean?

In two weeks (or so), I will receive notification from Project P.a.C.E. that I have been accepted into their program. Then I will have to go register with the State Board for Educator Certification, or rather create an account with them. I need to establish a Texas Education Agency ID, which will allow me to move on to the next step in this convoluted process.

Registering to take that dreaded exam. Hopefully I will be able to take the exam before the institute in Houston, but the closest ones are New Orleans and Puerto Rico. (And they cot about the same to fly to either one…hmmm…just might try to do it in Puerto Rico, baby!) And apparently I need to learn how to spell in Spanish.

(Side note- got a mini Spanish/English dictionary for Christmas, should start looking at the Rosetta Stone soft wear I have, will be a good investment.)

Off to complete homework for this last semester so I can graduate and actually GO teach. :)

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  1. TAC

    This is GREAT information! Thanks so much. I just got accepted for the same position as you, only in Dallas. It looks like you are a step or two ahead of me. I am very interested to see your thoughts. Keep on posting!

    • chenryrgv2011

      Glad to help. Plan on posting everything as I go, so be sur to follow. Did you find the links for the study guide?

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