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Jan 17 2011

Transition Call # 1: RGV Valley & Your Role


Just participated in the first transition conference call and I think I know why I was picked for RGV. They stressed in their 2015 vision that graduating from high school should be the floor- that we are striving for something more than just that. We are looking for a way to push them to accomplish more- we know they can do it, and we know that our students WILL do it.

One of the things that you have to do as a Corps Member (CM) is build a vision. TFA supports the key components in Teaching As Leadership to have a big impact on my students. The four are:
1.      A quantitative (measurable) bar

2.      Clear ties to students aspirations and interests

 3.      Strong connections to how success in this class will open up future opportunities

4.      A list of student traits (habits) and mindsets [beliefs] that they will have to embody to reach this vision

While TFA RGV does not expect me to be able to complete a full vision yet, since we don’t yet know our exact placements, but they suggest that we think about it. They suggested that that we think about the following questions and evaluate our responses as we go. How can I make this type of vision in my classroom? What will I include in my vision? How is it all relevant?

And because I am from the internet age and am trying to maintain this as open and as clear as possible as I believe all educational decisions should be made I will be cataloging my responses to these questions and changing them as I go. Currently I am a little lost on how to even start, so I will step back (as I learned in Writing in the Social Sciences tips for procrastination)and look at it from a different angle.

What is my teaching philosophy? I believe that every child can learn any subject. All it takes is dedication and belief in themselves. I believe that learning can be and is fun, even if it is a subject that the child doesn’t always understand, or if they are “behind” in their studies. It is my duty and responsibility as a teacher to make it fun and to make sure that they learn to the best of their abilities. It is also my duty to make sure that my students believe in themselves. I will never tell a student that they cannot do something or that it is too difficult for them to complete. I will always take into consideration a student’s home situation when I assign homework- and never make it too difficult for them to complete based on their resources.

While I don’t have answers to many of the questions that I will raise/have been raised by TFA I am starting to think about it.

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