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Feb 27 2011


I could go back and pretend that I’m writing about the Summit weekend and how I felt and all that jazz that usually comes with blogging- but frankly my dear, I just don’t have time. It was awesome and exciting and almost totally pointless for a new CM. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it at all, but there was almost nothing for a new CM- it was all about “get reconnected” and “re-inspired.” But Sunday was really helpful with the workshops. It was helpful to learn how others teach and incorporate reading and writing learning in their courses. It was also nice to see realistic teachers and their problems in their classrooms.

The second section “Teaching As Leadership” was so helpful. It gave a preview of what I will face at institute and see the reasons behind the rubric that I will face. In addition, it had practical applications to my future as a teacher.

Then I got my Pre-Institute Package- all five pounds of it. I was super excited but also filled with fear. I don’t have time for this right now, I feel utterly overwhelmed. I know I have to look at the information and I know I need to complete my schooling. But I so want to study for teaching rather than write my thesis or study for political sociology. But I know that I need to finish strong so that I maintain my 3.78 GPA and maintain my dedication to my studies (and graduate, or I can’t teach)

So for now, I will read when I can of TAL, but my first priority will be my current school work- If I can work it now, how can I inspire my students when I see them struggling? Would I be able too? I have to preserve so that I can tell them that I struggled and yet I made it through and they can too.

But boy is it hard right now.

However, I had an awesome interview with Idea Public Schools for a possible high school social studies position. IDEA public schools are charter schools where every student is on a college tract (read AP/IB courses). I will find out in 2-4 weeks if I will interview with a specific principal for a specific job (ie 9th grade reading). Then 10 days after that if I got the job. Meaning that by mid-April I might know if I have a job come August.

However, I have procrastinated enough in writing my third chapter to my thesis. And now must get back to it.

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  1. Ms. D

    Oh man do I understand this post. I am actually on chapter three of my thesis as well. If it would make it easier for you (which I have found it does tremendously for me) I downloaded Lora’s story to my ipod and am listening to it on my way to work/school etc. This way I feel like I”m being productive even while walking across campus! Good luck with writing your thesis – I 100% understand and if you ever need some motivation maybe we can motivate each other. :)

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