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Mar 22 2011

Interview: IDEA Donna

So I had an interview with IDEA Donna, from IDEA Public Charter Schools in Donna, TX. They are the number 1 high school in the RGV, and #13 in the US according to US News & World reports.

 It was nerve wracking! It was my first (second if you count the TFA interview) real interview for a job. And it was via Skype, with video. So I got a study room in the library so that I could have a nice background and not what my room looks like after a three week binge of stuff that I had to do.

 It was especially nervous since IDEA likes to know results, and I’ve never taught. But she did offer a lot of hypothetical situation, like what would you do if….

Over all I think it went well. It went well enough to be invited to the second part- which is a 5 minute teaching via Skype INCLUDING an assessment of students within the 5 minutes. The one I have done in the past didn’t include a assessment within those 5 minutes, so I will have to revise my teaching plan a bit. But that’s ok- I can do it! :)


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