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May 01 2011


Ok- so I just started with pre-institute work.

I know it is supposed to helpful and inspiring, but I’m terrified now!

lol, haven’t even finished with teh first exercise and I have no clue how I will be able to Teach as Leadership and set big goals. But I have no clue how to teach, I’ve never really done it.

I know TFA will train us and I know I have 5 weeks of really hard intense training up ahead, but seeing the progress and what Ms. Lora and others have doen in the past with the children that need the help the most. But how will I be able to do this? Will my kids challenge me (of course, but will I be able to handle a bunch of rowdy 9th graders?) And most importantly, with these students on a track to do AP, IB and college work…

What if I fail?

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  1. forthesprings

    You will be an amazing teacher. I am finishing my second year and sometimes I still wonder who the @*$# thought it would be a good idea to take me out of high school to teach. The most important quality of a good teacher is that they never give up or settle for something they know isn’t the best. A good teacher never says that it is “good enough” because they are always working on improving and taking suggestions. You will do great! Just close your eyes, jump on the ride, and when you open them, you won’t believe where it has taken you.

  2. If you fail, you’ll have been able to see yourself failing for a long time and you’ll have to decide to not do anything about it.

    That said, keep that anxiety alive and kicking–it’ll push you to learn more, and faster. Institute is intense, sure, but it really is just. five. weeks.

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