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Nov 14 2011

Off to Jacksonville!

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May 18 2011


Well gang, I have been granted a Fulbright and a TFA one-year deferral! I will be going to Macedonia for a year to study gender and politics! I am the first person from my school to receive this honor. The way the one-year deferrals work at TFA is that I will be put back in…

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May 01 2011


Ok- so I just started with pre-institute work. I know it is supposed to helpful and inspiring, but I’m terrified now! lol, haven’t even finished with teh first exercise and I have no clue how I will be able to Teach as Leadership and set big goals. But I have no clue how to teach,…

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Apr 04 2011

Job Offer!!!!!!

I just got off the phone with IDEA Donna and they are offering me a 9th grade world geography position!!! I still have to talk with the Human Resources people for actual final information and stuff. But I can start looking for apparments (or houses) and roommates! So excited!

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Apr 02 2011

Interview: IDEA Donna X2

I had my second interview with IDEA Donna, where I did the 5 minute teaching lesson with a evaluation on the end. I taught the beginings of the EU then quizzed them over the lesson. However, unlike TFA they were “bad” students- they were not paying attention to be able to answer my questions. It…

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Mar 22 2011

Interview: IDEA Donna

So I had an interview with IDEA Donna, from IDEA Public Charter Schools in Donna, TX. They are the number 1 high school in the RGV, and #13 in the US according to US News & World reports.  It was nerve wracking! It was my first (second if you count the TFA interview) real interview…

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Feb 27 2011


2/26/11 I could go back and pretend that I’m writing about the Summit weekend and how I felt and all that jazz that usually comes with blogging- but frankly my dear, I just don’t have time. It was awesome and exciting and almost totally pointless for a new CM. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t…

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Feb 16 2011


2/10/2011 DC is AWESOME!!! I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in DC. I came to DC for the Teach For America 20th Anniversary Summit. I flew in on Thursday, and took a metro to the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown DC. It’s about 3 blocks from the White House. So, of course, I went…

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Feb 01 2011

Teahing is Difficult

Like, really difficult.  Especially if you were only provided the lesson plan 20 minutes before the class and you have never taught before in your life and there are 13 Spanish speaking students with limited English proficiency expecting you  to help them learn “mas inglés.”  I am tutoring/teaching English to Spanish speakers at El Sol COmmunity…

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Jan 20 2011

“I Won’t Learn From You”

I won’t Learn From You and Other Thoughts on Creative Maladjustment by Herbert Kohl was recommended to me by TFA. Like the other books they recommended, I requested it from the Library. I got it in today and began reading it as part of the strategy to study for the certification exam. I thought it…

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This call was all about certification and testing. We went over a “certification overview” as well as discussed the next steps that we will be taking. For certification in the state of Texas, you can get a preliminary certification for one year after passing the content exam (see previous post). In addition, you must have…

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Jan 17 2011

Certification – Step One

So it is official as of 4:10:39 pm CST today that I applied or alternative certification program in Texas. **happy dance around my room** I find it some how fitting that I submit this application on the first day of my final semester in college. It seems to bring everything out full circle. Ending one…

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Jan 17 2011

TFA 20th Anniversary Summit

I just finished registering with TFA’s 20th Anniversary Summit in Washington, D.C on Feb 11-13, 2011. I am super excited I will get to meet new, current, and former Corp Members as well as staff and posisbly the founder, Wendy Kopp. I will arrive on Thursday Feb 10 in the late afternoon after a flight…

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12/8/2010 Just participated in the first transition conference call and I think I know why I was picked for RGV. They stressed in their 2015 vision that graduating from high school should be the floor- that we are striving for something more than just that. We are looking for a way to push them to…

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Jan 17 2011


So I downloaded the TEXES preparation manual for test 111 Generalist Grades 4-8, which is what I believe my subject level to be. And now I’m having a slight freak out! I have to know math and science and be able to teach this to young children. I also have to be able to know…

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Jan 17 2011


I MADE IT IN!!!!! I was accepted to Teach For America to teach all subjects grades 4-8!!!! SO excited! Words are limited to express my joy at this news. I literally jumped up and down with extra excitement- the rest of my day was just beautiful-nothing could ruin the high (nothing did ruin it into…

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